love 4 the loveless

Love for the loveless..
The words beg to be unheard
For not to shatter the truth echoed in silence.
You so fear the falling
You do not reaiize how high you are flying.
You hunger for more as your soul bursts with fullness.
How can two beings be so complete in this world of imperfections.
in a universe trapt between heart beats.
How can the vast depths of our distance
Feel so intimate.
For you do not know the bitterness of the cold
till you have seen the fathomless heat.
the more we dance with hidden words
the truth sings the more loud and clear.
Every flame must burn blue to reach it it's flame of white.
Words for the wordless.
truth drinched in lies.
As the shadows swollow the the light...

The End

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