As she lays there in the dark, her mind free to roam she wonders, what am I missing? Maybe there is something laid out for her? Maybe its not so laid out? Despite these things she rolls over and continues to think, allowing her mind to run through hidden corridors wondering if there is something

there that will answer all her questions.

She rolls over, realizing that despite how she feels she isn't alone, there's a warm body pressed up against her back and there is no way for her to describe the feeling. The tears begin to fall running quickly down her cheeks making her eyes burn like lava has flown over her face, she is lost and gone, tangled up in her thoughts, drowning in the lies and excuses you told her to make her believe that this was real, that you'd make it to the end of the world with someone or at least till they pulled your ticket. Questions ambush her mind and she wonders if only for a split second what she did to destroy everything that they had. The words "You didn't do anything sometimes things just don't work out and that happened to be how this worked, we didn't work out and I don't love you like that anymore." but why? Why is it so wrong to love me like that, what snapped inside that pretty little head of yours that made you break?

I keep telling myself fight harder, work harder, show her the change, the progress, show her love no matter what she decides show her love and show her support. Hold on and don't give up the ride is painful now but she is everything you want she  is what keeps you alive. You gotta hold on and never give up, you just wanna take her an say "You are what makes me feel alive, you're everything I want and need and if you just give me one last chance I'll be the person you need me to be!" but you know it changes nothing. Instead you spit out endless "I care about you", "I want you to be happy with or without me" when deep inside you're begging for her to gently pull you close tell you she loves you and feel her lips on yours again.

However that's not how it works, that's not how the world works and we have to bend with it or it will break us. She lost the love of her life and she's clinging to false hope while she's clinging onto another. That, that right there is how the world works.

The End

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