This is a poem I just came up with... I think that if you read it, you may be able to come up with an idea of what it means for you. I don't know what I think it means.

A thousand bloody tears were shed

Over bodies of the dead

We sweep the streets, and kill the rats

But illness strangely still attacks,

Nothing new, yet still unclear

IF you could see then I could hear

Maybe now I'll take the bait

Unless you think you'll hesitate

I take my arrow, pierce your heart

I feel the skin tearing apart

I know the sounds, such lovely screams

I'm coming undone from my seams,

Listen closely to the bird

And tell me if you become cured

The sparrow is not one to trust

with bloody talons, beaks with rust

Just one more time to take my life

To leave this world for dark and night

To lay my head to sleep once more

To sit and watch you take the floor

Just pass the death trap round again

And play a game you'll never win.

The End

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