They say that when love finds its mark on the target of two united as one, miracles can happen. When two lost souls find each other, their worlds of gray become filled with the colors of life, turning everything in view away from strife. Love, the very essence of life as we know it, has both of these qualities and so much more. It’s the journey we share with our chosen partners, our better halves, our missing links, that we’re able to uncover the limitless possibilities love has to offer. And you want to know something else, love knows no boundaries, love knows no lies, love knows no price, it won’t even cost you a dime. For it’s free and it’s flowing, fruitful and divine, even the angels haven’t a place to whine. Love will set you free and love will blow your mind to the point of absolution, that is, of your eternal surmise. Fear not, for love has none, but do shine, as love will enlighten your star struck eyes. Open your heart, unchain your mind, love will guide you both, on the path to the perfect sublime. All tears of misfortune and mistrust, these are but of the lowliest grime. With love in the middle and your partner at your side, only the sweetest nectars will supply your sweet wine. Invite all your family, invite all your friends, because with love, the party never ends. Merriment and glee side with happiness and joy, as they all pay tribute to their cousin by way of a great convoy. Lust is only of dust as trust is of the gregarious gust that sweeps you off your feet when love has come to greet. So gather all the king’s horses and all the kings men, for they are relinquished from duty until they are complete again. It’s love that binds us, shapes us, and makes us into who we are and where we came from. It’s love that blinds us, deafens us, and weakens us when we first lay eyes on the one we know we missed, yet never met. It’s love that compels us, compromises us, and commits us to unspeakable depths of unconditional and unrated acts of generosity that only exists, that can only hail from, a heart on fire. As the years pass, our love can only grow stronger. Once in love, never forgotten, the feeling of completion is. Once in love, never belittled, the thought of unity is. Once in love, never sought, the end is. Till death do us part, rather till death do us start, for love is the continuation of the hunt for the feast of friendship. And it’s only the best of friends that become the greatest of lovers. From the moment you say “I do” till the moment you say “Goodbye” love will always be in you, you shall never run dry. To be in love is to be free, free like the sea, always bountiful and always of ease. Never stop believing, never stop yearning, never stop achieving, and never stop learning. In the name of love, and in the names of you both, may you continue to prosper and may you continue your growth. 

The End

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