I've been doing mainly random stuff so i thought I'd write a love poem

Where is love?

For it must be missing,

Being young, one thinks they know love,

But in reality, there is no love for those who don't know what it is,

And from their blindness comes only pain in the future.

When is Love?

Is it the happening of meeting The One?

Or could it be the realization that your friend is someone more?

It probably comes form time,

for all good things come to those who wait.

Who is Love?

Is it a blind baby whose soul purpose is to torture mankind/womankind?

Is it someone who cares?

Is it even real?

Maybe it's like unto a god,

For nothing so joyous could be like man.

What is Love?

Could it be the feeling that when someone comes near,

And all the world seems peaceful?

Or is it like the sunrise,

Starting the spread of joyous or painful moments on the new day?

Or fireworks that light the night sky

Which are impossible to miss and wonderful to share ?

Or is it the want to be the best that you can be, for someone else

And in return, you bring out the best of them?

Why is love mysterious?




The End

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