Love poem

You are all that i desire,

The light that makes the fire,

You are the hope inside my heart,

The hope to never be torn apart,

You are love without hate,

The love that simply canot wate

Our love is a never ending dream,

Exept in this dream,

Every thing is exactly as it may seem,

And to you my love i canot simply express,

This love i could never supress

You are the madness in my brain.

But you make me enjoy going insane,

You are the time within each day,

I hope that it will never go away,

You are the ending to the pain,

The shielding from the never ending rain

Our love is something very true,

Something sacred beetween me and you,

And please trust me when i say,

That for our love i will stay

I will never leave,

My love this you can believe,

Trust in my love,

Dont be afraid of the sky above,

For i will never hurt you,

Dont you know that every little breath is for you

The End

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