This is a poem I just wrote about love. I do have a crush on a celebrity, and that he might be all of those things I mentioned.

Even though I can't touch you; I belong to you. You are the one. You save me the taste of your honey love. Despite you are so far away, I still belong to you. I may not have you right now, but I will, my love. I am in love with you, and you may not be with me. But you touched me in a very special way. As God as my witness, you can be my man.

I love the way you hold my hand. As we walk down the street. You held my hand, and smiled at me. You are the one who warmed up my hands, and my heart. You are not concerned about me being a virgin. Your love respected where I stand. Our worlds may be different. Because you live where the glammour and action is at. I live in the city where average people is trying to make it when the economy goes south.

I love the way you smile at me. Your kisses are as good as candy. You treated me like a lady. Like a spring flower blossums. The touch of your hand melts my heart. You are the only man besides God that has ever been so sweet. Your sweetness is my weakness. You looked into my eyes, you touched my face. I love the way you know how to tone my heart when it raise up.

You held me close. And never let me go. You kissed my hand. You made me your woman. I may not have you, but I can imagine that you have to be the sweetest man I have ever fell in love with.

The End

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