Love - for sale.

It's sad to see the trend these days
Love has become such a commodity
Put up for sale like household goods
sometimes discounted. even available for free

Have you been on our site he asks?
on a device, he begins to displays his wares
The women in mute astonishment watch
Its really so simple, he so declares

Have Love now become just a catalogue?
that one might use and then throw away
perused and bought at a discount store
hoping our every whim it would obey

Or perhaps love is too hard to find
The effort far outweighs the gains
Does one have the time to so indulge
Can it satisfy the need, free of pain?

Maybe love is too quaint for our times
An emotion after all too difficult to tame
Once inherited, perhaps a burden to bear
for a season it survives, then begins to wane

The End

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