Spectra Marked Life

Spectra Marked Life

Hope already shattered

When he was forever gone

She never thought it mattered

By then she was too drawn

A far forgotten memory

Knows someone must belong

A life that felt too eerie

Had a sibling all along


Taken by her mark

Leaving all behind

Finds that she has a spark

Yet something was left blind

Forgotten she became

Just like the others

With the power of her flame

As it was with her brothers


Her back she grew her wings

Elegant and full of shine

On her tail a bell rings

Heir through her bloodline

Griffin did she find

As the ticking of the clock tower

There she did remind

Spectrum was her true power


Harmonizes with her would-be

Finding that she can not stay

Screaming like a banshee

Did she leave astray

Singing for another

Color no longer lost

She had to find the other

And that’s when they both crossed


Unfolds the candles of beyond

The witch they awoke

Without the well known wand

From there they had broke

Shadows will never leave

Light will ever stay

When will they receive?

The glass that kept things at bay



She realized there

With tears and smiles alike

With that she did flare

Her spectrum with a strike

She had to be lost forever

Shadows can never just go

Dying she would never

Since she would already know

She was but lost

The End

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