Lotus On The Styx

Albino sky, ebony sun, black nails roll the sysyphus stone/ Nightfall on your nursery/ Lye in your veins/ Cauldron to your own heart and lungs...Look you, to the cepheid in the jet black heavens/ Black rosaries, tears of confession...Waxed moon 'neath night's bitumen lid/ Starry curtains wrung of tears/ A spectral arc, a lunabow, glory 'bove the rook on marble palms/ Black narcissus on your ivory tomb/ Alas, onyx embryo...Sundown on your nursery/ Lye in your veins/ Mother is dungeon...Conscience on a hot tin roof/ Crushed apple pips and caremel/ Sweet and scented with a sting/ O tortured soul in the cheval glass, adieu!

The End

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