The Holy War: Sin Vs Virture

Azazel stood glaring at his rival
Snow just stood, body a glow with pure light
The darkness now gone, belief replacing disbelief
Sins being replaced with virtues.
Choir of angels sung louder.

Gabriel gifted Snow with the shield of the faithful.
Michael appears next, gifted Snow with the spear of the true of heart
Ariel followed, placed the helm of virtue upon Snow's head.
God's Champion was ready, fully armed with weapons of the lord.
Azazel looked at Gabriel, who title was Lion of the Lord.

Gabriel stood there with sword in hand, bright white wings a glow.
Handsome and strong, stood in the middle of Michael and Ariel.
"You're choice, leave now or be dammed" Snow spoke
Azazel stared before smirking to himself. "Earth is another form of Hell"
SnowDrop stood waiting for his first attack.

Azazel sword glowed red, started to drip blood.
Blood of many great heroes who had tried to destroy them.
"The glory of poets didn't predict the fall of the Champion"
Snow just stared before dodging the thrashing of the blades.
Every dodge Snow faith grew, his faith renewed.

"Go form this holy place of Gods or I shall banish you"
Azazel looked around. No sign of where or who the voice came from.
"I gave you freewill, you choice to repay me with this" It spoke again
Azazel looked around, terrified now. Snow just smiled at the light which shone down.
"Who speaks before us!" Azazel demanded as he screamed it.

The End

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