Azazel Vs Gods Champion

Snow drew his hammer, it shone brightly with the grace of God,
Azazel stood, unmoving, unafraid, ever strong and anger
"Go from this place or you shall be damned"
Azazel smirked, drew his sword out.

Snow glared, his eyes gold and transfixed on his target
Azazel smirking to himself, his eyes completely closed
"I will not allow you to harm another person, go now Azazel"
Azazel snickering now which shortly turned into a evil diabolic laugh

"Oh how unwise you are paladin"
Snow eyes widen as Azazel's armor glowed red
"How can we be damned, when we are the forsaken fallen from grace"
Snow stood strong, watching every demon sneak up on him
"You god has left you paladin, there is no such thing as compassion or love"

The battle between Good and Evil had begun
Light Vs Darkness
Purity Vs Sin
Snow battle hard against the onslaught on demons
"Where is your god now!"

Then a choir of angels were heard,
Underneath the onslaught on demons which held him down
Snow body began to glow with pure light
The demons screamed and screeched in pure pain
Azazel stopped his laughter, stood in silence

Then suddenly from the heavens, the Arch Angel Gabriel appeared
"You Azazel, meet Gods Champion! You're destroyer, your jailer!"
Snow body glowed so much with light, it destroyed the demons on him.
"I will not go on disbelief for I am the Lord's Champion!"

The End

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