Gods Champion Speaks

Facing the demons, alone.
Aura bright around his noble body,
Faith never ending, pride ever glowing.
The demons spoke "Who is this warrior in front us?"

No answer came from the hooded paladin,
They asked again "Who is this warrior in front us?"
Small smile appeared across the paladin face,
"I am, one of three chosen Gods Champions"
Silence from the demons.

"I am the light to your darkness" Figure spoke again
Demons stood there in disbelief,
"I am the faithful to your disbelief"
The demons started to shake in fear
"I am the justice to your injustice"

One stepped forward, Azazel was his name.
"You who have been chosen from upon high, what makes you think you God is there?"
The figure just smiled again, removed his hood
Azazel stood in disbelief, he had seen this young "boy" before
"I am Snow, the Paladin who brought the Satanist to their knees"

Azazel, stood back from the figure slightly
"You Azazel the first, are you not a Duke of Hell?"
Azazel mumbled Yes and growled pure hatred
"So are not one of first of many to disobey the lord on high?"
Azazel growled a second time.

"Are you not, servant of Lucifer's?"
Azazel growled more at that, he denied being servant
"So are you merely the servant of his lord of Hell"
Azazel growled louder, the Gods shock in fear
"You will leave these place and return to where you came"

The End

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