Gods Champion: Paladin Rebirth

He stood there, alone on the highest peek.
His trusted hammer next to him, his faithful steed by his side,
His eyes looked around him, nothing. No light, all faith lost.
World in the holds of Dukes of Hell, angels beaten, gods captured

They prayed for a hero to save them, no answer came.
They turned to oracles but they said nothing.
Then..beams of everlasting light, shattered though,
screams upon echos of horrified demons screams.

There he stood, a vision of Holiness and purity it was..
Bright white aura around his body, nether man nor angel.
Their eyes widen, vision cloaked in gold armor.
Wearing his sins stitched into his chest for all the world to see.

Nether selfish nor was he blind.
Just, true and wise he stood,
No smile covered his face
Demons shock in fear at the idol

A man of God, a man of true virtue
His only crime was that of love, to accept a revenging killing
Not even the heads gods aura could out shine him
He was the protector of the weak, defender of peace, the hammer of injustice

The End

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