Lust, Love and Hope

As they lay there, God and Nympth. Cuddled together as one in the moment

Helios was waking the world below them, his chariot a blaze.

Hypnos children return to him, after they had covered the world's people in their blankets of dreams and nightmares.

Child gods do play over the sleeping Gods, children of war and love they dance among the sleeping heads of the God with ease.

Apollo wakes with the sunrise. Runs his hand down his lover body, feeling every curve on her beautiful, tender, soft like body, her skin glowing radiantly. Her  chocolate colored hair covering much of her body.

She wakes, eyes a bright blue like the sea and wide in amazement, he smiled down at her, she places her hands on his face and pulls him down into long, deep kiss.


The Goddess of love awoken, at child like giggles. She looks and Eros and his twin Himeros sat with arrows waiting, she gets up and removes the arrows and bows from her sons.

"But mother" they ask with their eyes wide with innocence like they had done nothing wrong. "No sons, you do not mess with true love"

They moan in displeasure, before they giggled and kiss their mother check. She glows with a bright pink aura around her, so bright it could make the northern lights looks like mere advent lights.

Like many couples before them, in the great ages of time. Couples like Pairs and Helen, Dante and Beatrice and so on so forth. Apollo and Daphne were another part of the couple history, clearly they belonged together.

It was not the first a God has chosen non God as consort. For before them was Dionysus and Ariadne, she a princess and daughter of Crete. Daughter to Minos who in Dante Divine Comedy was the judged of the damned.


Far away in the echoing halls of Light's Hope Bases, the great Paladins of the Order of Light's Hand, were preparing themselves for another grand crusade. Three of which were great uncles to young Daphne and another great grand father to her.

HolyStrike the Enlighten, DivineStrike the Just, JudgementStrike the Grand. All three where triplets, all three paladins but different specs. Holy was a Retribution Paladin. Divine was a Holy Paladin and finally last but not least bit forgotten. Judgement was a Protection Paladin.

Often times had gone by where the Paladin movement would stand against the doubters with the Gods, protected their values. This was one of those times.

The age between Apollo and Daphne was far to wide for her family to agree with. But she lay in bed with Apollo unaware of the chaos which lay ahead from them.

Granted, Apollo was bit rough when making love with her, but he LOVED her.


The End

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