The Fire Lord

The fire lord returned, Apollo lust had grown

His desire for a nymph named Daphne grown ever more so

Daphne unaware of his return, both first generations

History forgotten about the last time they did meet

Eros feeling guilty forgets the right arrow for this duo

So he shots fair and blind, hits both targets with fair love arrow

Instant hit, both fallen deeply for each other. Even though there is a twist

Age will not tear them apart, because love you with bind them together

Daughter of mortal and goddess of hunt, erotic gods watch on as they share

A moment together out in wild or in bed, Eros disturbed while his twin Himeros grinning with pleasure as desire is meet.

Daphne looks up at Apollo with love kissed eyes, his body tanned and toned.

He looks down at her, body beautiful and soft as silk. Untouched by men or boys since her birth, gave herself away to the fire lord with pleasure.


Unaware of their union, Artemis sits at home with her husband unlike her self before her, choice to have a husband and to find love instead of staying single and untouched by men.

Thantos and Hypnous at giggle and laughing at the others blindness to this, expect one who knows and see all which goes on upon high Olympus.

Helios watched his friend with his lover, even though she is much younger then him.

His passion is alight and burning bright, kissing her beautiful body lustfully.

The End

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