Greatest Hour for History

Here Lies Four Cities
All a like in dignity
From Fair
Dohah where we relay our scene
From Old Grudge break to new mutiny

Where two star crossed lovers
Give birth to new hope
Where Gods shall be reborn
Cities raised from the dust

Daughters so beautiful they make flowers weep and melt in their glory
Sons so strong they could bring down the heavens if they wanted
This is the age of new earth

Mount Olympus rebuilt
Valhalla raised from dust
Rome a renewed
Accident Egypt raised from sands of time
Four new heads Gods:
Zeus Lord of Olympus
Jupiter Lord of Rome
Odin Lord of Ruler of Valhalla
Amun Ra Ruler of Accident Gods of Egypt

Heroes given their glory
But measures of a true hero are
Made by the strengths of their hearts
Saints of the three gods re-found and united
With each other and their leading Gods.
Athena, Hades and Poseidon.
Our time is now
The Time is now
History greatest hour is upon us

The End

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