Lost Worlds

Different worlds, words of a lost solider who is watching the world and its history reborn.


Safeway to heaven
Gateway to hell
Exit of Paradise
Eve of Pain

Entering the empty space
Holding each other hands
Towards the empty space
We see bright light we take
Us home...

Known to few
Seen by many
Our Race
Our People

A Goddess in pain
Angel disappointed
Cites destroyed
Mother's children Cry.

New time
New Generation
Old grudges reborn
New Alliances made
Children of hope come again
Evils of the world punished
Our time, our chance to put things right
New laws made, new chances given

New and Old reborn love
Goddess fallen for thief
New wars broken, new heroes made
Mystery babies born, peace will come
Again we stand together united as one
In our command ground
We are Gods

The End

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