Lost without you

Losing someone close to you is a really difficult thing to go through alone.
Wanting them around, Needing them close by,
Whether it's a family member or your lover,
you can find yourself lost when you lost them.

All I want it a minute to talk,
Sometime to walk,
Lets go to the place,
Where I first saw your face.

I want to go back rewind time,
Back to when you were mine,
Remember when we were together,
Me and you always and forever.

We went through so much then you left,
To get back to you I don't know how,
No regrets between us two,
But I'm lost with out you.

I don't exist when your not with me,
You and me were meant to be,
Baby you know its true,
I was lost without you,

Lost when I lost you.

The End

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