Lost The War

Came home one day all alone

Yet i still ran and tightly locked my door

I fell to the ground and sobbed

Hysterically overpowered by grief

I don't know whats worth fighting for

Only know why I scream

Pain seeping into my skin

Picking open all my wounds

Letting them bleed out all over paper and this pen

Why must I be in the middle?

I don't want to fight another battle

I just lost the war

Thinking I was right but that right was wrong

Clutching my last and final cure

Before I instigate I try to catch my breath

Remembering all what has crept into me

Painting on the walls

Harboring a needle in my hand

Collapse in exhaustion

I don't know how I got this way

I'll never be alright

I'll break my habit, I'm breaking my habit....

But most people don't think of it the way I am now

The End

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