Lost tears

Umm...nothing to say, I was depressed

A single teardrop
Escapes the confines of my weary, bloodshot eyes
Falling with all the gravity
Of my conflicting feelings.

It may seem small and insignificant,
A mere occurrence, that may happen again
And has certainly happened before;
But this lost tear means a lot to me.

For it contains memories;
Of times come and gone
Some are happy, some otherwise,
Nevertheless, all are precious to me.

It contains emotions;
A whirlwind of them 
But ask me not to share them with you
For they are complex, and more complex than that word;
Beyond the confines of human expressions.
They can only be expressed
Through my tears.

It contains my perseverance;
A time when determination seemed to work
When I wanted to be the best,
And the goal seemed within my reach;
I know better now.
That was a time long ago.

So you see,
That falling tear
Is not just a trickle
But a part of me,
Expressing my inner self
Much better than this poem does.


The End

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