Lost Memories

Lost memories I seek to find
In dusty caverns of my mind -
To travel those abraded trails
Then lift those misty tattered veils
As set through time, where thought prevails

And if perchance this worn terrain
Shall yet such memories contain
That I may see anew the day
To witness yet again the way
The light upon the earth shall play

Then hear once more with richer sound
The songs of nature all around
And know with senses, fresh imbued,
The pleasures of this life, renewed,
Whilst mellowed thoughts for’er preclude

Then shall I not, with dim recall,
My heart with wonder to enthrall -
And ne’er again such dreams as these
Yet captured in a passing breeze
Imagination to appease

Nor feel again that first embrace
That first sweet kiss upon my face -
Those tender words again to hear
To comfort me, and stay my fear
From he who yet I still hold dear

But time will ever take its toll
The passing years subdue my soul -
For dulled my eyes, no more to see,
No more rejoice in reverie
Ah, albeit just fleetingly

Yet wait, do I now hear the call
(Away the misty veil to fall)
Away, away, all sorrow chase
With wondrous beauty to replace
For now, I deem to see the face …

… Eternity will e’er embrace

The End

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