Lost in your love...

love poem

It  wasn’t   just  words , we  share it ,
It  wasn’t   nonsense  moments , we spend  it,
It wasn’t  a guilt , we regret  it,
It  was  a  beautiful  world ,  we  made it  together ,

With  you  I  lived  a sweet  dream , I can't imagine it
Maybe  I  lived  before  But  not as  I  was  with  you
My  feeling  blooms  with your  touches,
And  flood  as a river  with  your  wet  kisses
I  couldn’t  ignore it   any  more ,

I  couldn’t  separate  you  from  my  mind  &  heart
I  reborn  once again  with every moment  we meet
I  reborn  once  again with our breath we taken together

It  wasn’t  nonsense moments  we spend
No  one can  compare  your  passions ,
You was everything to me , even I know I was nothing to you
I  actually was  just only a passengers in your  way
However , I'll close my heart  silently on your love and  live with…

The End

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