Lost in my glass.Mature

© 2010 LeahMichaels♥

I wrote this in the view point of an alcoholic. I don't particularly suffer from this but I felt compelled to write it. I hope you enjoy. Please comment and a rating would be wonderful too.

Night time falls,
Pull out the glass,
Grab all the vodka that the cupboard can pass.

Sit at the table,
Grab yourself a drink,
‘It’s only one,’

You tell yourself..you think.

Feel your troubles slip away,
Feel your heart break in two,
Feel the sad realization that this time it’s just you.

Then grab that glass,
look deep inside,
Pour yourself another you tell yourself you tried.

Sweet and bitter as it runs down your throat,
Head slowly spinning and you cry,
You pour more drinks just lie after lie.

Sit at that small table,
Sit stupid on that chair,
Grab yourself that glass,
Pour yourself that drink,
‘It’s only one,’

You say.. you tell yourself..you think.

The End

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