Lost For Words

My first poem to a poetry book I wanted to write and the first poem I ever wrote title: Lost For Words.
Title of the book I was putting together is called: Necessary Thoughts!
Hope you enjoy!

Seems if love don't know us
Or people won't show us
Tragic how we can see these things coming before we grow up

Telling myself, I'll never be a victim to hate
But now I'm wishing somebody would take a piece off my plate

Separated the vibes, from the lows to the highs                                                                        indicated the greatness that I was seeking inside

Devastated by love but can't have that until you make it
Under thinking the passion which is overpowered by hatred

I can't believe, we love so wrong
And why our heads, gotta be so gone
I know we can make it, if we tried harder
But it's been so many years, so why bother?


The End

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