Lost Clouds

I seemed to have lost my way,

I thought by running in a straight line, I could get to you faster.

I have tripped, slid, fallen, stumbled and slip away;

Plenty of Years of life, and my goals not even close yet not even mastered.

Has got me stuck in this fog of clouds.

Where do I go now, now that I see that I am not where I belong?

I have reached for those stars, and heard it loud and clear;

But then nothings place in my hands,  it just a sad song thats not what I want to hear,

I get tired of writing about the same thing, but its what keeps me from being complete.

Perfect in one sense, something that oddly I strive for, to not be beat.

I guess some people are blessed with that gift I been looking for,

And some people just stretch it and take advantage of it.

Whenever I get to truly grasp it in my arms, I will treat it like the most delicate melodic drop it is!

But until then, I will continue to wander aimlessly through the thick cloud of reds, light purples, and silvery blues I call my romance.

And then if someone chooses to rain on my cloud and push my sunshine to reach its highest potential, pushing it out of the cloud, and into the sky, the test would really begin.

I sit here, thinking about... as it crosses my mind.

Will I ever find the exit, will someone be on the opposite side of that line, waiting for me, with their hand held out, crying to see me?

Hmph, I guess I just have to find out, next time you look at a oddly colored cloud, think about love and how many people are striving for it...

And think of me, wandering aimlessly,  trying to find someone that will call me their own. Someone to complete me, so that I can live happily ever after or at least get to kiss it. Someone that has what their parents call love. Some one to share a sandwich with, or a dinner with or  a lifetime with...

The End

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