Lost And Alone

There is no one to hear you scream

There is no one to see you cry

There's no pretending that this is a dream

None of this is a lie

In the depths of your heart you knew this

You knew that the end was so near

Yet you stayed in your prison of bliss

When her heart stilled, her heart so dear

Can time excuse you from action?

Can grief excuse you from words?

You still seek the blissful protection

Your minds still tormented by hoardes

Like the demons of your childish guilt

When you stayed in that room to pray

When you stayed hidden under that quilt

You still relive that day

The day that the dreaming started

The day that the world fell apart

The day that an angel departed

The day that you lost your heart

So cry for that angel and weep

Cry for time lost and things unknown

These bitter ends they will keep

It's your fault that your lost and alone

The End

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