Lost again ....

Lost again ....

When did I say that?  Did you hear me shout?

What is the problem?  What's it all about?

I came home on time, I thought you weren't home.

Another night in, again, on my own.

We used to be happy, we used to be friends.

Smiling, laughing, building bridges, making ends.

Making do, tightening belts, putting up.

Now we don't talk, it's about shutting up.

Do you feel it's you or are you blaming me?

For the way things have happened, I can't quite see.

Have we just grown apart, faded away.

You never talk, or you don't want to say.

I've been here before, it's not exciting at all.

Get off the roundabout, I'm going to fall.

I'm no good at games, I'm way too old.

I just want the fireside and it's getting cold.

The End

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