It's all about trying to change for the better, but letting your mistakes and regrets consume your life

Despite the steps I've taken and the mountains I've climbed

The feeling still lurks of being left behind 

The autumn comes and my expectations decay in sync 

I'm losing the capacity to love or even think


I know that I'm trying, and maybe I'll survive

But confidence abandons me and my friends soon in time

These skies rain down tears from angels, water in my eyes

Who will save me, when disgrace is all I have left


The memories of failures fresh and screaming with inner voices

I left my destiny to rot, I buried my self with my choices

These skies rain down, and nothing has come good for me yet

Left to mourn another life that could've been

It's just another regret


I'm wrestling my demons, overwhelmed and bracing myself for defeat

I wrestle with my conscience in the dark, unforgiving city streets

I thought I felt hope, your voice welcoming upon the wind

But I turn back and see nothing, the demons of my own sins


I know what is a part of me is addiction

I know my soul is up for sale, if only I could be loved

Another mistake, another regret

My soul resonates a message of being lost

Another number to count amongst the dead





The End

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