So its 3:00AM and i cant sleep again~
I decided I should post something on this site since I barely get to write. This poem talks about not focusing on just the now, to not be lost in what your situation is and to look ahead at the things that can happen (for the better or worse)
Sorry if there are grammatical errors as I'm not the best writer

"Lost" is what he said, eyes dewy as he looked at me.

came from a place who was long from where we be.

I couldn't understand how he got so far from here,

was it traveler's interest or perhaps away from his career?

"I can tell you quite surely.." i responded back at him

"that you can be found if you'd stop looking at the ground."

"what ever do you mean?" he tilted his head curiously,

"I assure you im quite alright in where i cast my view, maybe it is

you who is askew from the view of my being."

"maybe not.." i quickly said with out haste, "for you should not be lost,

for if you looked ahead of you, you can see can see where you are headed"

as i pointed toward the sign, he pause and he read it.

"you were never lost, you just looked where nothing was,
don't be mislead looking only where you tread, forward is where you are."

The End

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