I'm confused i don't know what i want. I'm lost in my own thoughts.

I don't know what i want 

or who i want. 

Well i do but i don't know

What to do about it 

i want to act on my feeling but HAHA

that's impossible 

I'm impossible i don't know why i even try

I shouldn't be here to be honest

I should be gone.....

I'm afraid of what will happen next 

I'm afraid of loosing you, loosing myself

You make me feel nervous

I don't know why to be honest but it pisses me off

How do you feel about me? 

How do you see me? 

What do you see in me? 

Am i enough? 

Will you get bored of me? 

Will you fall in love with me? 

Will we stop what we have now? 

I wish i knew 

The waiting is killing me

Should i make a move? 

Should i just stand back and let everyone else take you away?

Should i be worried? 

Should i even care? 

Would you care? 

What would you do? 

All these things go through my mind at once 

I don't know how i can handle it but i do.

The End

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