So, at the end of this forsaken fairytale
all illusions have been shattered
and there’s nothing left but damned regret
What else could I have said?
What could I have changed about myself?
The possibility that I could have been saved
and tethered to a love that would have destroyed me
never made me feel so alive

But what do the phonies know?
if their opinion ever mattered I’d relent
and sacrifice what I have left
for the death of my pride
If I was crazy then maybe I’d be happy
because there’s nothing worse than
finding out that there was hope
when all faith has been lost

So, it’s my remaining years that are tarnished
with the thought that nothing will remain
after life has taken its toll
Because good times become memories
in a sepia-toned recollection
that does more harm than good
If I could give all this up and run away
I’d leave now and never look back

No one bleeds for the Catcher in the Rye
I’m one in a million without another
I could cherish and adore
Yet, I found the thoughts that dismayed me
and left me slipping in the ruins of the past
suddenly went silent...
and I was left alone for the first time

Without the dread of acceptance
I'll feel nothing at all

The End

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