The silence burns my soul as my heart slows its beat
The pain leaks into the night as my mind starts to die

You stupid fool why did you give them the power?
You freak, you weirdo, you don’t deserve this life

I deserve the pain, the hate, the destruction
I make my mistakes and they kill me every day

Did you really think it would last, that you had the strength?
Did you honestly believe they could keep me from you?

Yes I believed in them for they were my last chance
Yes I believed but it was all in vain for no one could hear

But of course, you believed for you are of man
But don’t take my word, just look into your eyes

Now why do you attack me when you know I will win
Why don’t you see I gladly suffer this pain

Simple boy, you are no better than the ignorant men
You freaky child, they cannot see you, they wish not to see your face

As if I don’t know it you speak this to me
Do not you see the death of my mind they bring?

Then embrace me now and accept the torment,
Well it do be for you to surrender at long last

The silence burns the soul as my heart does stop
The pain becomes complete as now I am lost.

The End

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