trying to find peace of mind

I've been trying to find some peace

can you tell it where to find me

I've been so worried it got lost

within the labyrinth I've been hiding

the maze is changing all the time 

where do I board for destination?

the evil's coming after me

but I will shake the sensation. 

what if I simply made a hole

maybe a short-cut or a window

something to peer around the bend 

to surprise and sneak the unknown. 

you know sometimes I feel alone

all theses decisions can be frightening

like the walls are caving in

but what is good is worth fighting for.

I'll step into sinking sand

and hope I find a way back to land 

giving up my plans

away, these crazy ideas swam

I felt a flutter in my heart

so I reached out for your hand

we finish where we start

and into your arms I ran.

The End

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