Like a vibrant, amber flame against the darkness of a winter sky,

you brang warmth,



and eternal light.

But with one clumsy breathe you're gone.

The smoke fills the air around us,

a symbol of what used to be,

we choke back the tears... the beauty,


and light is gone but on the dirt-ground below,

where the fire used to dance,

is a mark,

a mark that will be left in place of the flame; that burnt so bright,

the flame that got extinguished by one clumsy breathe. 

The mark shows the magic is still there... and will be forever more.

Darling, you're like that unique flame.

Nothing lives forever - but you were one in a million and nothing can replace you.

 Instead of the impossibility of living for always you left your mark,

like the flame,

upon the Earth and engraved it onto all our hearts so your magic will live on.


The End

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