Back To My Heart

Back to My Heart

You came into my life,

During a time I was hurt,

All you had said,

Was 'he's the real jerk'...

Days went by,

We became close,

I never thought,

I'd love you the most...

I went to your football games,

You'd take me home in your truck,

Us meeting was fate,

Now it's not even luck...

During the summer we didn't even talk,

It was like out of my life you slowly walked,

Summer started to end,

Sports season starts,

And then I see you walk back into my heart...

Days come and go,

We'll get real close,

And you're the one on my mind the most...

When our eyes meet,

My heart'll skip a beat,

When our lips touch,

I'll crumble down to my feet...

Your hands in mine,

The other on the wheel,

With all of that,

My heart you once again steal...

But now it's gone,

The right went wrong,

Our tune is no longer that same song,

You're like no other taking my heart,

I just wish we'd stayed friends,

Maybe never met in the start...

You'll say you want to see me no more,

So stop looking now,

My heart's already battered and sore,

Just don't look at me,

Don't even think of me,

You're not going to hurt me anymore,

You see, you've lied, you've cheated,

You've hurt me worse than I've ever been,

Now, thanks to you,

My heart'll never let that other boy in...

The End

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