Losing Herself

A collection of poems and songs written by Desirae Marie (Desiii). Inspired by the one she lost, the one she had, the one she loves, and the one she can't have. (All rights reserved. All of the songs/poems in the book are written from my heart, by me, myself and I. I would appreciate it if you leave me be with them. Some are pretty suicidal and other are the complete opposite.)


"Losing Herself" including all chapters, prologues, epilogues and associated content is copyrighted by the author's rightful claim. All rights are reserved and will remain reserved by the author of this work, Desiii (Desirae Marie). Any unauthorized copying, broadcasting, manipulation, distribution or selling of this work constitutes as an infrigment of copyright. Any infrigment of this copyright is, and will be, punishable by law. Any links, brand names, or otherwise copyrighted material is not my own, and is not protected by this copyright. No copyright frigment intented.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, incidents, and dialogues are products of the author's imagination and/or are used fictiously. Any resemblence or description similar to an actual person (living or dead), events, and locales is purely coincidental.



I appreciate all the support from my fans and friends who push me to continue writing. I also appreciate the support from my amazing boyfriend (link found on my profile) and my dad. This novel would not be here without you guys. I love you.


The End

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