Losing Bits Of My MindMature

Just take my breath away

I'll give it willingly if you swear to stay

I'm barely keeping my demons at bay 

I've become so disillusioned, i don't know what else to say... 

-Takes A Few Drinks- 

There's a lump in my throat, 

blood across my coat 

Lost in all my memories of you 

My blank eyes are still screaming for you 

But words scream back at me how could i ask for even more? 

I was never what you could adore

You were never what i could afford 

I'll just make my way to the door 

And I'll do it of my own accord 

Yelling your name so much my throat is sore

But you'll never hear because its a sound that makes you bored

I'll leave you in charge of tying my cord

I am off to find a semi-sturdy board

The End

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