How did we end up here tonight?
Nemesis, all I've become, 
Darling, you know I've never gave in
Oh, why did I bring you here,
These are our graves

I'll never forget you.

Should I have let you leave?
It was better than being lead,
Like a beast, to death

But that's where we ended up.
The guillotine, the knife
The bitter end is all we were meant to be
Now darling, it falls upon my shoulders
That I am the one to defile your name

They say laughter is contagious
And every step I take is your disease.

I won.
I got out, but you ate my heart
You are the cold queen we all follow
You are the leader, but you've led us to our doom

I'm used to losing.
I am the loser. 

The End

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