Loosing T ouch

how quickly do we loose track of the present and loose care for what is around us?


A flink of cows carefully trotting down

Down the river bed

calves protected in and between

observant mothers

horns ready to go head to head


I descend into the river

So mysteriously clear and dark

Watching them

Listening to their arguments at heart


A reflection catches my eye

As a badling of ducks

Land upon the water from

Oh… so far up high

Tiny ripples dancing my way

As they merrily bathe the morning rays away


I woke up to the mountain

Smiling at herself

Reflection picturette

A memory of a traveler’s

Majestic time in Tibet


I wonder

How does it come to be

That man want to destroy

All of thee

Wipe our Mother

Of her golden tassels and joy


To catch oneself

Pondering over something out of hand

Like sand shifting through seas


The care for this

loosing touch with the abyss


I sink

Submerging into the cool tears

Of her pain

Feeling my breath escape

Hoping there is life left to gain  

The End

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