This is about a girl getting teased at school

Why is she looking at me?

Is there something in my hair?

No, Wait!

Maybe she wants to be my friend!


I walk up to her.

She's beautiful.

Silky black hair,

Perfect caramel skin.

A girl like this actually wants to be my friend!


I say "Hi!" and wait for a response

She looks at me in disdain and shuns me away.

I stand there, looking stupid and confused.

She laughs with her friends and she makes fun of me

My clothes, my hair, my skin, everything about me.


I feel pain, so why am I not crying?

Tears are usually the result of pain, right?

I look into the bathroom mirror and I realize what I feel is anger.

It hurts me, I was only being nice to this girl!

In return I get nothing but an awful feeling of regret.


I return to class, a scowl on my face

I avoid the pretty girl with all my efforts.

At the end of the day, she apologizes.

She claimed her friends pressured her into teasing me.

I accept her apology, but I keep my guard up.

Because I never want to repeat this day.




The End

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