Looking UpMature

I'm tired of the bullshit

I'm tired of the lies

I'm tired of being all these things

That I despise

Please tell me, that this ends somewhere

And my efforts aren't in vain.

Please tell me, that there is more to this life

Than every waking moment of pain

Because my heart is beginning to stop

My stomach about to drop

My whole world is turning upside down

And its you whose got me caught

This time there's no turning back

I want so desperately to be your all

But how do I know you'll be there

When its time to break my fall?

Remember when things were so easy?

The simple things made us smile.

Rolling around in the grass

 And we used to wrestle for a while.

I'm hoping this is just a phase.

A silly blip, that will make us stronger.

I hope we can start looking up

And what we have doesn't falter.

The End

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