Looking For Angels

You can say I’m an escapist

Only because it means you agree with me

This world has become to putrid

Fixated on only who believe this world filled with vermin

Have done nothing but harm this world

Everyone’s faces filled with anger

I want a realist to give me a reason to continue to live

Every day, I want someone to look for an angle

Strenuous pressure for anyone who can be broken

They too, will give up looking for angles

The life being squeezed out of me causing me to trudge onward

Angels show up, out of the blue, in the strangest of places

Young teens and kids being put out on exhibition

Every single person forgetting

Everyone you meet, they always have a loathe for someone else

Days in and out I want an exert guidance to the way of salvation

Every single conscience tainted with frustration, pain and blue hurt

I’m very mundane in faith of this

I only brighten a smidge if I see and angel

Of if someone too, is looking for angels

The End

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