Looking Back.

You know the times when you're just sitting down, probably sipping a cup of java and enjoying the sound of the rain, and you end up thinking about life and how great yours is?

It is in that moment,

Whilst sitting in the silence and enjoying the caress of the wind,

That I am reminded of the days,

When my eyes were new to the full blown beauty of nature,

When I was much naive and fun seeking,

When mistakes were nothing but stepping stones,

When I could expect, but had to shoulder no expectations.

The miracle of life gives me reason to smile,

To think that I, a girl 5 12', Was once the size of my thumb,

Safely treasured in my mother's homely womb.

Once I was out, I got to treasure her warm hands instead,

And light kisses from a everloving father on my tiny head,

The sweet caresses of doting relatives,

And there I had been spoiled filthy,

And as time flew by, with it's strong wings flapping,

That I evolved,

From just a thumb sized no one,

To a toddler who with shaky legs ran,

To a student when school began,

And I grew and matured,

Inspired by learnings from all around,

A smile haunts my lips,

As thoughts such as these pass my mind,

Oh blessed childhood,

My favourite time of life. 

The End

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