Rain Song (Sestina)

Today I packed away all my love

I put it in a box I knew would hold it well

So it wouldn’t creep into my heart again, bubbling up

Like a long forgotten spring

I bundled up my melodies, my beats and rhythms, my song

Because when you left, you took all the words.


You were always so good with words

Your voice unlocked me and gently took my love

It wove itself into the piano we played, it turned into a song

My shadow was your being, you knew me so well

The world revolved around you from rainy spring to rainy spring

My heart reached to the stars for you, and it was only going up.


Don’t they always say that what comes down, must go up?

That’s not how it goes. The wrong saying, the right words.

I know this because spring can be cruel, and spring

Took you away, stole from me what I had truly loved.

The wet road deceived you well.

It's small comfort, knowing the last you heard was my voice and rain-song


I have a world of silence now, in this world of noise and song

I’m hoping to fill it up

Someday, once the tears of my mourning have wept full a well,

With the voice of another, with someone else’s words

And understand, I know it’s wrong to want new love

But I need help to move on to summer, my heart died with you in spring. 


Your image, I’m sure, will appear there, next spring

When I drive past that bend and the radio is quietly playing a song,

I’ll see the ghost of the one I gave all my love.

My wishes on stars are that by then, things will be looking up.

Maybe I’ll have found someone new, to finish my melodies with words

If not to love me, then to share my pain, to treat me well. 


I need to be treated well.

But I have a feeling that the rainy season will pass once more: spring,

And still I’ll be alone, my lips unkissed and wordless.

The world keeps turning without my song

The moon goes down on lonely nights, the sun comes up

And finds me still silent—without lyrics, without love. 


You always knew how to choose words well,

They taught me how to love you between two rainy springs

But you didn’t finish singing, so now I have to make the words up.

The End

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