In Her Eyes

“Bunny Princess,

come here.

Come sit on Daddy’s

lap for a sec.”

Pause, deep breath,

“Grandma is going away

for a while.

She wants to see you

before she leaves,

Sweetie Pie.”

White room, to white room.

Two small hands pressed together,

one young, one frail.

Tears gliding down warm;

down soft folded cheeks.

“You want to tell Grandma

you love her?”

Quiet baby voice:

“I love you Gramma.”

Tired pale blue eyes blink

and shut.

“That’s a good girl,”

wet streaks on Daddy’s face.

“Where is Gramma going?”

Momentary quiet, a long steady beep.

“She’s going to Heaven, princess.”

Wide-eyed, innocent visage,

“Can we go, too?”

The big man holds the little girl,

heart to heart.

“Not today, baby,

not today.”

The End

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