Like Home

I miss you like the earth of my heartland.

My homeland.

The land I’ll feel from the soles

Of my feet

To the beat of my heart

When I find it at last.

I don’t know home yet.

So what I’m saying is I

Miss you like something I’ve never had.

I miss you like no one,


I’ve ever missed before.

And I’d dream you to reality

If you were only of my mind

Because you seem to good to be true

I Pygmalion and you this untouchable

Unreachable piece of artwork

But here you are

And you wonder why

I’m convinced I’m crazy.

Allow me to continue,

I miss you

Like water in the desert,

And land in the ocean,

And birds in cages,

And paintings in darkness.

And with fangs

The whitest gleam of

Killer iridescence

I miss you

As a vampire

Would miss his reflection

Long after his human life has ceased

And the taste of iron

Loiters on his palette,



Miss you

Like women on diets miss

Triple chocolate fudge cheesecake

And I miss you like children

Miss fathers

On extended business trips.


Just miss you.

But in case you haven’t

Gotten the message,

I’ll put it into a phrase

That conveys

The depth of these feelings I

Want to restate

That you leaving

Does cause me

An excruciating pain.

Right here.

In my heartland.

Missing you is wearing on me.

Wearing on me

Your clothes

With the smell of your soap

And the scent of you skin

That I know is there,

The reason I

Don’t want to wash you away

And I ask you to stay

Just a little longer,


Leave your aroma

Upon me, on me,

Deeper than skin

It’s intoxicating.

Nectar to bees and

Rain to trees

And nothing but pleas

Like when you go

And you have to go

And I can’t let you go

But I let go

And you’re gone.

It’s as hard

As a barrier of carven ivory.

When it comes time to miss you,

I’d never want you to leave unsmiling.

Even if the dam bursts

When the car disappears

And I cry on the lawn

Uncontrollable tears.

What I want is the darkness

To stop you from leaving

To keep you from sight

To hasten your breathing.

What I want is a joint ownership

Of the night

And no rules and no boundaries

And no time,

But no dice.

You’ve gone missing again

And already

I miss you.

I miss you like air.

I miss you like home.

The End

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