Perplexity Where Complexity Lacks

Tell me about myself.

You point out things

I’ve never known

And I’ll observe the flaws

In me, as I pick out

The beauty in you.

You know

I think each person is a puzzle

Everyone you meet

Has just a little piece

And in this jigsaw world

It’s hard to find ourselves

Because the people who make us

Who we are

Are always finding

More tiny fragile pieces

To give.


Use me to learn about you

You can ask

And you’ll receive

Because every minute detail

Makes the map a little clearer.

And every single piece

Of the puzzle Doesn’t

Always fit perfectly.

It is imperfection

That makes the picture

A Picasso as much as it is

A Delacroix

And that’s what makes it

Fun to interpret;

The undecided spaces

Blank countenances

That will someday

Make the void

Into something

That is whole.

When I say that you puzzle me

I mean That you make me

Into something

That is much more beautiful.

The End

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