Look for Yourself Inside Them

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The way you look at me is not the way I look at you

Though if you did, the feelings would mean less

I love loving you more than I would if we were real

All good things come to an end and I never want this feeling to end

The way you move

The way you talk

The way you know me more than I know myself

Makes me fall for you even harder

The way I feel for you could outlast this time for decades

I'd never get tired of being myself if I was with you.

Write me a song and kiss me goodnight

Hold my hand until we melt together

Look into my eyes as if you're looking for yourself inside them

Let me hold you and be held by you

Keep me safe

Don't let go

I will hold you

I will keep you safe

I love your face

I love your laugh

I love how you make me feel

But I don't love you...

Yes. I do.

The End

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