look at the little people vary

they're happy little people
very smiling, hugging, touching each other
they're happy little people

oh, and then they're fighting
such mad little people
very sad, crying, scowling, shouting

but then they're back
happy little people

they have families
over and over again
very over and over again

the happy little people
their focus is
very very narrow
all the happy little people
all the mad little people
all the vary separate little people

they work vary very hard
to keep their focus narrow  
very vary separate
from each other
all the happy little people

who's looking through them?
the little windows
into the happy little mad people
the very narrow focus
into the mad little happy people

who's looking?
through the little windows
of the vary little people
the little blurry windows
very very squinched

who's looking
and when will they
who's looking
vary vary not
peering through them?

The End

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